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The Phoenix is a saturation napalm bomber from the Airplane Plant.

Phoenix (bomberriot)
Saturation Napalm Bomber
Cost 460
Hit Points 1400
Mass 238
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 243
Vision Radius (elmo) 780
Altitude (elmo) 240
Napalm Bombs
Damage 40 x 18
Reload Time (s) 1
Afterburn (s) 12 (15 DPS)
Range (elmo) 10
Area of Effect (elmo) 160
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 0.30
Inaccuracy (deg) 29


The Phoenix's napalm bombs decimate large clumps of units and light structures.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

The Phoenix is useful for killing and damaging large clumps of light units, setting them on fire and causing a large amount of damage. However, Phoenixes are also more vulnerable than other bombers.

  • While the low initial damage of the Phoenix is underwhelming, the 10-second burn can make quick work of lighter units like Darts even when they dodge most initial damage.
  • Burn damage will reset the countdown for units with regenerative abilities like Glaives or Reavers, as well as keep units with a cloak from disappearing from sight.
  • Be careful when using Phoenixes around allied units, as the same properties that make them useful against enemy hordes make them a liability in a chaotic front line.