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The Krow is a flying fortress from the Gunship Plant.

Krow (gunshipkrow)
Flying Fortress
Cost 4200
Hit Points 16000
Mass 956
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 99
Turn Rate (deg/s) 41
Vision Radius (elmo) 633
Altitude (elmo) 180
Laserbeam Burst x 3
Damage 110
Reload Time (s) 0.40
Damage per Second 275
Range (elmo) 395
Firing arc (deg) 200
Burst Time (s) 0.30
Instantly hits
Cluster Bomb
Damage 250 x 75
Reload Time (s) 30
Damage per Second 600
Range (elmo) 200
Area of Effect (elmo) 64
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 400
Inaccuracy (deg) 26


The Krow may be expensive and ponderous, but its incredible armor allows it do fly into all but the thickest anti-air defenses and engage enemies with its three laser cannons. Best of all, it can drop a large spread of carpet bombs that devastates anything under it.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Like most striders, the key to using Krows effectively is to not only attack frequently with them, but also to keep them alive whenever possible. As durable as Krows are, they're expensive to build, and thus, expensive to replace in the event that they're shot down, so be sure to set up a fallback point for your Krows to automatically retreat to when their health drops below a certain point. (Setting them to retreat when under 65% health is recommended if the game progresses to the point where striders are more common.)

If your opponent is unprepared and does not have sufficient anti-air available, a Krow will simply end the game. Its manual-fire Cluster Bombs will make short work of whatever part of the enemy army or infrastructure is most precious to them. (Even other striders are sure to take heavy damage from a Krow's cluster bombs.) However, if your opponent is prepared, and has built significant amounts of anti-air, your Krow becomes, at best, a large flying paperweight, and at worst, a donation of metal, since it has to get very close to the enemy to accomplish anything at all.

Due to its high speed, you can use the Krow in a similar manner to using large amounts of raiders or fast assaults, such as quickly closing the distance to enemy Merlins and Shoguns before annihilating them. Even Paladins will have difficulties fighting off multiple Krows without support from friendly units.