Missile Silo

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The Missile Silo is a pseudo-factory that produces tactical cruise missiles.

Missile Silo (staticmissilesilo)
Produces Tactical Missiles
Cost 1200
Hit Points 4000
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Build Power 10


The Missile Silo constructs and holds up to four different cruise missiles, each with a unique warhead. It offers excellent standoff strike capability for offensive and defensive purposes.

The Missile Silo builds:

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Be aware that the missiles can take damage while on the Silo, and if they or the Silo itself is destroyed the missiles will explode. While missiles cannot be intercepted as such while they are in flight, they might hit the ground (especially if terraformed) or a shield and explode before they reach the target which you intended.

For more information, see the Missile Silo Tutorial.

See Also[edit]

Striders Reef and Scylla can stockpile and fire disarming and nuclear tactical (respectively) missiles in situations that require mobility. Like Missile Silo's missiles, they also cannot be intercepted by an antinuke.