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The Shipyard is a factory that produces naval units.

Shipyard (factoryship)
Produces Naval Units, builds at 10.0 m/s
Cost 700
Hit Points 6000
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Build Power 10


Shipyard is where both ships and submarines are built. Other waterborne units such as hovercraft and amphibious bots have separate factories.

The Shipyard builds:

Construction Ship
Disarming Scout
Torpedo Raider
Attack Submarine
Raider/Riot Corvette
Rocket Skirmisher
Riot/Assault Destroyer
Artillery Cruiser
Anti-Air Frigate

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

The Shipyard has the unique property of being the preeminent factory in its domain—the water. While the Hovercraft and Amphbots are limited to traveling above and below the waterline respectively, the Ships can move in and control both with vessels such as the versatile Corsair, Seawolf and Siren. On the other hand, Ships cannot travel on land and their impact is limited to shoreline bombardment by the Envoy and Mistral.

Since they are the only sea-only factory, Ships have less of an explicit theme to work around; instead they have a wide variety of units for every occasion. They don't have every base covered though, so use the more specialised Hovercraft and Amphbot units to supplement your Ship fleet.

Example Unit Combinations[edit]

On a large map where speed is important, Cutters should be combined with Corsairs (for more firepower), Seawolves (which defeat Cutters and Corsairs from underwater) and/or Hunters (to defeat Seawolves).

On smaller maps, skip Cutters and build a combination of Corsairs, Seawolves and Hunters in the early game.

Make sure units with no underwater attack (like Corsair, Mistral or Envoy) are escorted by units which can attack underwater (Seawolf, Hunter, Siren).

Later on build the Aspis mobile shield generator to protect your Envoys from counter artillery.

Beating Ships[edit]

If you are playing against Ships on an open body of water, then, if possible, it's a good idea to get Ships of your own since they are specialised for fighting in this domain.

Sirens are tough but they can be defeated by Corsairs (which deal much more damage at close range) or Mistrals/Envoys/Lances/Grizzlies (which attack from outside the Siren's range). Envoys and Mistrals will attack you from long range—if possible, catch them with Seawolves.

If the game continues, Striders are just as important on sea as on land. The Shogun battleship in particular dominates all surface ships as long as it is protected.

Hovercraft and Amphbots can also provide units useful against Ships. The Hovercraft Lance can pick off enemy Ships at range, and the Claymore is effective against large numbers of submarines. The Amphbot Grizzly can also engage at range then retreat safely underwater, while a large group of Ducks will punish the enemy if they have neglected to build anti-submarine defences.

Gunships cannot attack underwater units, but the Raven precision bomber from the Airplane Plant can bomb submarines (as well as ships). Since Pickets and Lotuses (which act as flex anti-air) are often eschewed in favour of Urchins in the water, air units are frequently more effective in raiding mexes against a Ships player.