Wind/Tidal Generator

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The Wind/Tidal Generator is the cheapest energy-producing structure in Zero-K.

Wind/Tidal Generator (energywind)
Small Powerplant
Cost 35
Hit Points 400 (Tidal)
150 (Wind)
Energy (E/s) 1.2 (Tidal)
Varies (Wind)
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Grid link range (elmo) 60


Wind generators (often windgens, running together the words "wind" and "gen." for "generator") produce a variable amount of energy, depending on altitude and wind speed. They are extremely fragile and chain-explode when bunched, so consider their placement carefully. When placed in water, they become somewhat sturdier tidal generators with a constant output.

Basic Mechanics[edit]

Turbines placed in water become tidal generators, producing a constant +1.2 E/s.

On land they become wind generators, generating a variable amount of energy, which changes periodically. While the energy produced can rise and fall, the amount produced will be stable for around 30 seconds before the wind changes again. Wind Generators placed higher will always produce more than those placed lower.

The maximum is always +2.5 E/s, while the minimum starts at +0 E/s at the lowest point of the battlefield but increases with height, up to +2.5 E/s. The randomness is such that all turbines placed at given altitude produce the same amount.

Advanced Mechanics[edit]

The depth at which the wind/tidal change happens is 10 elmos.

Minimum Wind[edit]

The minimum wind is zero at the lowest dry point of the map. For fully flooded maps, this is the sea level.

Highest and Lowest Point[edit]

Highest peak
2.5 ÷ (1 + e^(4 − height ÷ 105))
Given by (2.5 / (1 + e^(4 - height/105))), where height is compared to the map's lowest dry point. Fully flooded maps are considered to have the highest peak at 1 elmo altitude.

The lowest and highest points are determined at game start and will not change later (due to terraform or explosions).

The production at intermediate altitudes is given by linearly interpolating (or extrapolating) incomes at the highest and lowest points, though never more than 2.5 E/s.

Wind Strength[edit]

  • Wind strength is a global [0, 1] value (can be any value from 0 to 1). Individual windgens produce Minimum + WindStrength × (2.5 − Minimum) E/s.
  • Values are distributed uniformly and independently from previous values.
  • Changes in a 32-second cycle: it stays constant for 22 seconds, then linearly arrives at the next target value over 10 seconds.