Energy Pylon

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The Energy Pylon is a building that extends the overdrive grid.

Energy Pylon (energypylon)
Extends overdrive grid
Energy Pylon
Cost 200
Hit Points 1000
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Grid link range (elmo) 500


Energy Transmission Pylons help extend energy grids and connect more Extractors or energy sources. This in turn helps Extractors overdrive, producing more metal. Pylons can also provide a fast way to power defenses that rely on the energy grid.

Energy Pylons are simple connectors that do not produce any Energy themselves. Over short distances or in low-energy situations using energy producers like solar collectors to connect grids can be a more cost efficient alternative.


A Energy Pylon explodes when it dies, so keep raiders at a distance or they risk being caught by the explosion. This property can be used to blow up an enemy unit or turret that is standing right next to an Energy Pylon and trying to protect. Simply target the Energy Pylon instead.