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The Faraday is an EMP turret.

Faraday (turretemp)
EMP Turret
Cost 260
Hit Points 1600
Vision Radius (elmo) 554
Armored Form
Reduction (%) 66%
Damage 0
EMP Damage 1100
Reload Time (s) 2.9
Damage per Second 0 + 379
Max Stun Time (s) 2
Range (elmo) 460
Area of Effect (elmo) 80
Instantly hits


The Faraday is a powerful EMP tower. It has high damage and area of effect. Greatly amplifies the effect of other towers, but somewhat useless on its own. When closed, damage received is reduced.

Be careful of its splash damage, as it can paralyze your own units if they are too close to the enemy.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

The Faraday is often useful in situations in which you would like to build a Stardust, but fear that it will be quickly destroyed by the enemy's skirmisher or artillery units. With its damage reduction when closed, the Faraday is much more durable against such tactics. Its powerful EMP blast will quickly halt enemy raids, and can even give enemy assault and riot units pause (quite literally).

However, the Faraday deals no direct damage, meaning that it wins only half of the battle. You then need nearby mobile units or turrets to finish off the paralyzed enemies.

As the Faraday excels at stalling enemy forces, it is also very useful for protecting valuable units and buildings against deep raids: In such situations, you usually only need to buy enough time for a portion of your main forces to make it back to your endangered base or unit and finish off the invaders. You can also pair the Faraday with one or two lotuses to provide the damage.

Faradays are not exactly cheap, so, when used for base defense, it pays to position them carefully, so that you can get the most coverage for the lowest cost. Putting them atop a small terraformed pedestal may be worth it if it allows them to shoot over nearby structures.