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The Artemis is a very long-range anti-air missile tower.

Artemis (turretaaheavy)
Very Long-Range Anti-Air Missile Tower, Drains 4 m/s, 20 second stockpile
Cost 2400
Hit Points 3200
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Advanced Anti-Air Missile
Damage 1601
Reload Time (s) 1.80
Damage per Second 890
Range (elmo) 2400
Area of Effect (elmo) 120
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 1600
Homing (deg/s) 329
Arcing shot (deg) 28
Stockpile time (s) 20
Stockpile cost (M) 80


The Artemis is an extremely long-ranging first strike anti-air weapon that sends a clear message to enemy aircraft - can't go here, sonny. Each shot must be stockpiled for 20 seconds, but is well worth the time, for a quick salvo of missiles will wipe out almost any air attack without fuss.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Be careful not to waste the Artemis's missiles on cheaper, more expendable air units like Swifts, Pigeons, Blastwings, Gnats, and even drones from a drone carrier (such as a Reef). 20 seconds is a painfully-long time to stockpile missiles, meaning that it's surprisingly easy for an enemy to deplete an Artemis's stockpile of missiles without having to sacrifice much in terms of metal cost (if any). Against such smaller easy-to-overkill targets, cheaper, more consistent anti-air weapons platforms (such as the Chainsaw, or even a screen of various mobile anti-air units like the Vandal) are recommended. If you need it restocked quickly, you can click the stockpile icon to increase or decrease the maximum number of missiles that the Artemis will produce. You can also switch it to a higher priority so it will consume more metal and build faster. But, be careful! It might use a big portion of your metal and leave you with no resources!