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The Dart is a raider/scout rover from the Rover Assembly.

Dart (vehscout)
Disruptor Raider/Scout Rover
Cost 40
Hit Points 120
Mass 54
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 152
Turn Rate (deg/s) 289
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Transportable Light
Disruptor Pulse Beam
Damage 32
Slow Damage 128
Reload Time (s) 1
Damage per Second 32 + 128
Range (elmo) 150
Instantly hits


Cheap and fast, the Dart is deadly in the first minutes of the game if your opponent is caught off-guard. Use missile towers, LLTs or any quick units to stop them.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Although they typically lose out against more combat-worthy raiders like Glaives and Scorchers, Darts, like other cheap scout units, excel at taking down anti-heavy units like Lances and Phantoms (even being cheap enough to affordably locate the cloaked sniper units) due to how much overkill those units' weapons do against the tiny Darts. Should they lack modest anti-swarm escorts, even heavy units like Grizzlies, Cyclopses, and even Paladins will easily fall prey to masses of Darts, with less cost spent on the Darts than on the heavy units.