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The Tremor is a heavy saturation artillery tank from the Tank Foundry.

Tremor (tankheavyarty)
Heavy Saturation Artillery Tank
Cost 1600
Hit Points 2045
Mass 423
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 37
Turn Rate (deg/s) 82
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Transportable Heavy
Rapid-Fire Plasma Artillery
Damage 145
Reload Time (s) 0.33
Damage per Second 435
Range (elmo) 1160
Area of Effect (elmo) 70
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 420
Smooths ground
High trajectory


The principle behind the Tremor is simple: flood an area with enough shots, and you'll hit something at least once. Slow, clumsy, vulnerable and extremely frightening, the Tremor works best against high-density target areas, where its saturation shots are most likely to do damage. It pulverizes shields in seconds and its shells smooth terrain.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

The effectiveness of artillery units can be greatly hampered by the use of cloak (including Iris area cloakers) to hide the positions of units, and/or by the use of shields (such as Aspis) to directly block the damage. However, the Tremor is well-built to counter both of these tactics. Since the Tremor can flood large areas with damage, and since units are revealed when they take damage, hiding is all but useless against a Tremor. Moreover, since shields have large surface areas, they are likely to get hit by many of the Tremor's normally-inaccurate shells, which could easily lead to the shields quickly collapsing. If you besiege a position with a Tremor for long enough, and if the enemy is unable, or unwilling, to launch a counterattack against the Tremor, then the enemy will likely have no choice but to retreat.

However, the Tremor is not a quick killer by any means (especially since its shells are so inaccurate), and they become a priority target as soon as they start firing. Before employing a Tremor, be prepared to protect it.

The Tremor is, within about a minute, able to flatten small mountains, and create makeshift ramps out of tall steep cliffs. If you're facing an opponent who terraforms a lot, and/or is positioned in an area that your tanks can't reach easily (if at all), then try using a Tremor to open up an avenue for your tanks to attack.

The Tremor is useful when besieging fortified areas, where target density is higher.