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The Racketeer is a disarming artillery from the Shieldbot Factory.

Racketeer (shieldarty)
Disarming Artillery
Cost 340
Hit Points 780
Mass 185
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 52
Turn Rate (deg/s) 355
Vision Radius (elmo) 325
Transportable Light
Disarm Cruise Missile
Damage 0
Disarm Damage 2500
Reload Time (s) 10
Damage per Second 0 + 250
Max Stun Time (s) 6
Range (elmo) 940
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 800
Homing (deg/s) 208


The Racketeer launches long range missiles that can disarm key enemy defenses or units before assaulting them. Only one Racketeer is needed to keep a target disarmed, so pick a different target for each Racketeer. It is excellent at depleting the energy of enemy shields and rendering large units harmless.

Tactics And Strategy[edit]

Use Racketeers to disarm heavy units, allowing your forces to approach the disarmed unit and destroy it.

Racketeers can also level the playing field; 3 Racketeers can disarm 3 units, meaning the enemy has 3 less units that can deal damage. This can change the tide of battle, such as if Rogues are engaged in a skirmish with other skirmishers, the Rogues can have an easier time dodging the enemy's missiles, or when an assault arrives, the Racketeer can stun the riot units and allow Bandits to move up and destroy the assault units.

Racketeers are helpless against large forces of raiders; defend them with Outlaws.

Disarm enemy static defense, then rush with Bandits to destroy the static defense and whatever it is defending.

Racketeers make pushing with a shieldball easier by disarming AOE weapons, or weapons with large amounts of burst damage, allowing your Thugs to tank damage for a longer amount of time, while also reducing the damage the rest of your units take.