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ZK uses a unique icon system, assigning each unit class and chassis a specific map icon. You can see these icons when you zoom out enough.


Needless to say, these icons can be rather confusing, even intimidating, to the new user. Fortunately, they're actually very simple, and this guide will explain them to you.


The icon system is mostly modular; an icon indicating a unit role is superimposed on an icon representing a chassis type (bot, vehicle, etc.)

Thus a raider rover is and an artillery tank is

Chassis icon Type Chassis icon Type
Cloakbot Rover
Shieldbot Tank
Jumpjet Spider
Ship Hover
Amph Aircraft
Strider Gunship
Defense Static

Role icon Type Role icon Type
Raider Assault
Skirmisher Riot
Artillery Anti-air
Scout Long range arty
Radar Bomb/special
Jammer Shield
Ranged Support Transport

Static Defense[edit]

Static defenses use the normal icon system, though the roles don't correspond exactly. The exception is the Heavy SAM icon used by the long-ranged missile tower, the Artemis.

Icon Unit Icon Unit
Lotus (LLT) Stinger (HLT)
Picket Stardust
Thresher (flak) Artemis
Lucifer Desolator


Factories use the chassis icon of the units they build superimposed on the static building icon.

Icon Class Icon Class
Cloakbot Rover
Shieldbot Tank
Jumper Spider
Airplane Gunship
Hover Ship

Usually, however, the factory's icon will be obscured by the icon of whatever it's building.

Econ Buildings[edit]

Icon Unit
Metal Extractor
Wind/Tidal Generator
Solar Collector
Geothermal Generator
Fusion Reactor
Advanced Geothermal
Singularity Reactor
Energy Pylon


Although aircraft do have a chassis icon, they generally use pictographic icons, as below:

Icon Unit Icon Unit
Multirole fighter Dedicated fighter
Precision bomber Napalm bomber
EMP bomber Implosion bomber
Radar plane
Light gunship Heavy gunship


Like aircraft, ships use pictographic icons.

Icon Unit Icon Unit Icon Unit
Cutter Hunter Corsair
Mistral Zephyr Siren
Envoy Reef Shogun
Seawolf Scylla

Misc. Units[edit]

Many units have specific icons that reflect their unique roles, particularly superweapons such as Big Berthas and Trinities.


Icon Unit Icon Unit
Cruise missile Big Bertha
Trinity Starlight


Disco Rave Party


Other units[edit]

Icon Unit Icon Unit
Constructor Aircon
Dirtbag Mine
Phantom Commander
Chicken Queen