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Repair basics[edit]

All Zero-K units can regain lost health through repair. The main method of repair is active repair using constructors, but some units also feature passive repair that happens automatically under certain conditions.

Constructor repair[edit]

All constructor units can use buildpower to repair damaged units, gradually restoring their health. This costs energy only and is both faster and cheaper than building an identical unit from scratch. Every unit can be actively repaired by constructors. Air units can also land on air repair pads to get repaired. Taking damage slows down active repair. The time to fully repair a unit is proportional to its cost. The default hotkey for the repair order is R; it will also be given automatically upon right-clicking a damaged unit if a constructor is selected or if a Patrolling constructor is nearby. With an air unit selected, right-clicking an airpad will order it to land there, aircraft have a "Land At" state to do that automatically and bombers automatically return for repairs after each run.

Passive repair[edit]

Units can also regain health by themselves without the need for a constructor, but this ability is generally limited. All units will automatically start slowly regenerating health after one minute of not taking damage. Some units: Glaive, Locust, Scythe and Kodachi have a more potent version of this idle regeneration, which starts after just a few seconds and is more intensive. Amphibious Bots will regenerate health when in water. The Gauss turret will regenerate when closed. Finally, some Striders have constant regeneration that happens all the time, even under fire. EMPing or disarming a unit will disable its passive repair.

Advanced mechanics[edit]

Active repair[edit]

  • Total cost of full repair is 66% the original energy cost; it does not use metal
  • Repair takes only 66% of the time compared to construction
  • Energy drain per second is equal to buildpower, except with the combat penalty in which case it is 25% of buildpower
  • Health regained per buildpower is proportional to the unit's health/cost
  • Units that have taken damage in the last 10 seconds are repaired at 25% of the normal repair speed (i.e. is 3 times slower than construction).
  • The in-combat penalty matters for the unit being repaired only; constructors' in-combat status is irrelevant
  • Status effects such as slow, disarm or EMP do not affect active repair in any way other than the buildpower reduction
  • Constructors cannot repair themselves, but can repair each other.

Airpad repair[edit]

  • Units can have multiple pads; each pad can service one aircraft.
  • Pads have separate buildpower. Adding more aircraft does not slow down existing repair jobs.
  • Airpads also rearm bombers. Rearm takes 5-30 seconds (depending on aircraft type) and during that time, a bomber will not be repaired by the pad.
  • Air units have a "Land At" unit state to control when they want to land. Bombers will land automatically when needing rearm.
  • All traits of constructor repair are also present.
  • Drones cannot land on airpads.

Idle regeneration[edit]

Idle regeneration occurs after a unit hasn't taken damage for a certain amount of time.

  • Default idle regeneration is 5 HP/s, and starts 60s after taking damage. This applies to units not found in the list below.
  • EMP, Disarm and Slow status effects do not affect the timer other than when receiving the damage.
  • Combat regeneration replaces idle regeneration (these units won't regenerate even faster when idle).

Amphibious regeneration[edit]

  • Full regeneration rate is achieved linearly at some depth.
  • Is based on the seabed depth below the unit, not the unit's depth, meaning floaters regenerate fully as if they were underwater.
  • Works in acid, though doesn't stop acid damage (the effects work against each other).

Armored regeneration[edit]

  • Present while the unit is in the armored state.
  • Present only on Gauss at 10 HP/s.

Lists of units with passive regeneration[edit]

Idle regeneration[edit]

Name Regen [HP/s] Timer [s]
Glaive 20 5
Locust 5 5
Kodachi 5 10
Reaver 20 5
Scythe 10 10
Claw 10 10
Chickens 20 10
Everything else 5 60

Combat regeneration[edit]

Name Regen [HP/s]
Ultimatum 5
Athena 20
Paladin 20
Detriment 100
Strike Commander level 1
Strike Commander level 2
Other Commanders
Strike Commander level 3 12.5
Strike Commander level 4 20
Strike Commander level 5 27.5
Strike Commander level 6+ 35
Comm Autorepair Module +10 each

Amphibious regeneration[edit]

Name Regen [HP/s] Depth
Conch 10 40
Duck 5 40
Archer 15 40
Bulkhead 15 30
Buoy 60 30
Scallop 10 40
Grizzly 40 40
Angler 20 40
Limpet 10 30
Lobster 10 40
Djinn 30 40