Customizing the User Interface

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The Zero-K UI can be customized. To do this:

  1. Start a game (skirmish, preferrably) and open the game menu by clicking Menu (F10) or by pressing F10.
  2. Find the Simple settings check box and click to remove the check mark.
  3. Search for Show Advanced Settings (or navigate to Settings/Misc) and remove the check mark from that option.
  4. Under Settings/HUD Presets, untick the following:
    • Stay up to date,
    • Reset on screen resolution change.
  5. Make sure that Set To Default Once option is unticked.
  6. Set UI preset to None.

You can now tweak the UI to your liking in Settings/HUD Panels and Interface

Panels can be visually arranged by pressing ‎Ctrl + F11‎. They turn to green boxes that can be moved around the screen. When finished rearranging the panels, press Esc to return to normal view.