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There are three kinds of fire damage:

  • Flamethrowers, which are direct-fire weapons;
  • Napalm, which is an area effect;
  • Burning, which is a unit status effect.


Flamethrowers are a type of direct-fire weapons present on a handful of units (Pyro, Dante, Commanders). They possess some unique qualities compared to other weapon types, as they:

  • Pierce their targets, hitting the ones behind.
  • Deal extra damage to larger units.
  • Deals bonus damage to shields
  • Apply the burning status on hit.
  • Pierce ground, meaning they can hit targets behind terraformed walls or on cliffs.


Napalm is an area effect applied by some weapons, which persists for a time in an area and damages units inside. Napalm:

  • Has variable damage - decreased over time and away from the centre.
  • Applies the burning status to units.
  • Is fully stackable. An area can be affected by multiple napalm instances at the same time.
  • Is spherical, which means air units are safe from small napalm below and need to be in the centre to be affected by large.


Burning is a status effect applied onto units hit by the other fire weapons. Apart from the above weapon types, is also applied by Phoenix bombs, Dante missiles and Commanders with the Incendiary Warheads module.

  • Always has a constant 15 DPS which does not stack.
  • Some weapon types have a % chance to inflict the status (not guaranteed).
  • The time does not stack, but each hit refreshes the duration.
  • The max duration depends on the weapon type.
  • The duration can be a range of values, picked randomly for each damage instance.
  • Amphibious units can fully submerge to stop burning.
  • Pyro and Kodachi cannot be set on fire.