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3 years ago
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o lol please! we need this!
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3 years ago
detri is a bit under-powered for cost =)

then we fix reef and blastwings and a slight buff to newton and the balance is good

buffing imp and skuttle is harder because they are OP and UP depending on skillz
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3 years ago
I like this, but for the Reef. Detri needs rocket jump.
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USrankOflameo, I'm beginning to like that idea, but it should be the mother of all jumps in my opinion. 2000 elmos every 60 seconds for example. A lot of smoke, flames, impressive noises and the like would be awe-inspiring.

Does the 3D model support that though? There would be space Detriments too. How would you destroy one if it could escape easily by soaring away? What if the ability was usable only once?
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3 years ago
FIrankAdminAlcur I might try and do that, would be cool if when it landed it did huge damage also.

Immobility of detri makes it pretty boring at the moment, plus the guns are a bit lackluster for something that costs that much.
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3 years ago
Reef should get his long impaler gun back. The it could be use as sea impelr.
Maybe detri could use some armored walking form when it uses only few weapons like only its missile launcher and aa? The it could really breach porc and be resistant to even ultis attack but sacrifaced his main gauss and green lasor power? Or give him even more regen? Like 100 hp regen in sec? Its almost impossible to build detris and build addditional escort for 100% one move breach. Most games detri needs go back and get repair. 30 hp repair seems very small value for such unit. Also armored form wou;d allow it to retreat more better.
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3 years ago
Make it rain, Detri. Bring the pain!
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3 years ago
The detri graveyard...
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3 years ago
Ok I added a jump now, obviously doesn't have animation done yet but you get the general idea.
Also has a shield and some radar. Probably going to remove the snitch cannon.

So it ends up with just the guass, laser beam, aa laser, jump and shield. No long range missile thing as I always felt it was pretty lame anyway.

Jump does 3000 damage atm, with heavy impulse.

Makes a decent crater on impact

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3 years ago
That video kinda highlights how much Detri sucks atm. After it lands its gauss cannons barely do any damage to the tanks before it eventually dies. It causes far more damage with the jump and then the death than with its actual weapons.

That being out of the way, the jump is a cool idea. However, I suspect that even if detri gets better, it will be hard for it to compete with a DRP, which can ruin your opponent's economy much faster for about the same cost. And just 2x more metal gives you Starlight, which is an "I win" button.

In order for detri to be worth it it would either need to be much cheaper, or so difficult to destroy that it can potentially win you the game even if everything else you have dies. Since ultimatums are a thing, detri is never gonna be that good, so... I think it needs to be cheaper.
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BRrankManored That was the idea with the shield, if the detri can provide support to other units then it is less likely to be killed by an ulti.

The guass cannons really do suck though, when I was trying it earlier they sometimes would take 3 or 4 volleys to kill a mex!!
Maybe it should have a different gun instead of guass. Like a bunch of riot cannons or something. Also think the AA needs a huge buff as well, it takes 5+seconds to kill a single raven and the guass are actually more useful aa.

Also bear in mind that was like 100 tanks so a lot more value.
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My idea for the Detri a long time ago was to have the awesome jump and focus all of the other damage into the Gauss so is is a giant physical attacker and can rightfully claim the title of Ultimate Assault. It would need to have 1560 DPS in Gauss. Each Gauss shot would do 520 damage instead of its measly 200. It would be weaker against airplanes but stronger against airports and airport accessories (enemy base).


I really like the High-Energy Laserbeam too. Maybe 1060 DPS Gauss and 500 DPS Laser with the 3000 Damage Jump as as D-Gun.

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3 years ago
I guess that could work, Detri doesn't need that much escort to become essentially invincible. Shield could also help it survive things like lancer spam.

BA's Krogoth, which I believe detri is essentially descended from, fired several AoE plasma shells from its cannons simultaneously with each shot, like a shotgun. It was really cool and devastated enemy armies. Detri could have a weapon like that, maybe.
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3 years ago
I think det should stay true to it's current role of a goddamn brick that shreds enemy heavies.

the gauss guns should either do more damage or collide more.

the missiles currently does crap against terraporc so fix that

the laser is just power underwhelming.

the aa battery is shit.

it's armor is also shit seeing as there is something called "starlight"

so we need to:

give it the epic jump
give it basic starlight tanking capabilities
make the gauss guns and missiles do damage
make it uncloakable?

and then balance paladin accordingly.

and then newtons, reef and blastwing
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3 years ago
imo what we need is a general buff to all striders
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3 years ago
I think it isn't worthwhile paying 20000 metal for a brick that shreds enemy heavies in the current meta. Even if it were a really good brick that shredded enemy heavies real good. Isn't that Paladin's role anyways?

Also, Starlight has a total DPS of 5400, nothing will every be able to tank it.
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3 years ago
Cmon, the upvotes are clearly for the roaches... Just for the sake of looks and hilarity, this needs to be implemented.
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Paladin isn't even that good of a strider. The only good striders are dante, catapult and funnelweb. Dante basically shreds light units and consumes anything less than a demistrider (with exception to reapers in high enough quantities) and funnel makes porc fast. When it comes to it, heavier striders don't feel weighty enough or impactful enough on their own for their insane price tags. They always need a moderate escort to do anything and even then they have insanely low dps per cost.

Compare this to every other assault:
namecostdpscost/dps (lower = better)HPHP/Cost (higher=better)
Knight (Zeus)3501043.3724006.86
Revenant (BD)8501964.3436004.23
Thug17542.54.12960[2210]5.49 [12.63]
Crab1600150.1310.664000 [16000] 2.5 [10]
Minotaur (reaper)8501605.3168008
Cyclops (Goliath)2200285.717.70120005.45

namecostdpscost/dps (lower = better)HPHP/Cost (higher=better)
Merlin (Catapult)350029411.9040001.14
Detriment20000600.25 [1155.37**]33.31 [17.31]860004.3

*: Point blank
**: With missile dps included

So what does this all mean? Detri's major flaw is a horrible dps-to-cost ratio. Crabs (worst normal assault unit for dps) beat it out by a whopping 62.38% better metal efficiency per dps when all its missiles actually hit! Even Paladin beats it in DPS with its abysmal 16.12m/dps ratio. The missiles account for 48.04% of its dps, while being the most prone to missing. Detri would be so much better if the long range missiles were removed and the gauss/laser were given the dps instead. This would be a minor improvement though. It still needs about 85.32 to put it in the league of paladin in terms of metal per dps efficiency. It would need to have 3333.34 dps to be on par with dante and scorpion though.

Edit: I made a mistake on grizzly. The actual damage per shot is 750.1x2, not 750.1. I've updated both tables as a result.
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This theorycraft is laughable beyond all measure. Yuo see, brother, numbers are not the only part of the game, because according to your tables, everyone should just spam halberd.

The part about "only good striders" was just ridiculous. I wonder why purple rank people build palas and scorpions? Maybe they are secretly noobs...

Edit: Ok sorry Shaman, tables are geniunely useful, thank you. You did much work, can appreciate it. One minor complain: second column for some reason has cost/dps ratio instead of dps/cost. Its just really counter-intuitive, all columns should be higher = better
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