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Commander wanted!

Drive giant robots, build an army of a thousand Fleas, move mountains if needed, bury the enemy at all cost!

  • Real time strategy.
  • Physically simulated units and projectiles.
  • Terrain manipulation.
  • 100+ varied units with unique abilities.
  • Singleplayer campaign.
  • Challenging, non-cheating AI.
  • Multiplayer 1v1 - 16v16, FFA, coop.
  • Multiplayer online campaign.
  • Really free, no in-game currency, no unfair multiplayer.

Fully Utilized Physics

Simulated unit and projectile physics is used to a level rarely found in a strategy game.

  • Use small nimble units to dodge slow moving projectiles.
  • Hide behind hills that block weapon fire, line of sight and radar.
  • Toss units across the map with gravity guns.
  • Transport a battleship to a hilltop - for greater views and gun range.

Manipulate the Terrain

The terrain itself is an ever-changing part of the battlefield.

  • Wreck the battlefield with craters that bog down enemy tanks.
  • Dig canals to bring your navy inland for a submarine-in-a-desert strike.
  • Build ramps, bridges, entire fortress if you wish.
  • Burn your portrait into continental crust using the planetary energy chisel.

Singleplayer Campaign and Challenging AI

Enjoy many hours of single player and coop fun with our campaign, wide selection of non-cheating AIs and a survival mode against an alien horde.

  • Explore the galaxy and discover technologies in our singleplayer campaign.
  • Face a challenging AI that is neither brain-dead nor a clairvoyant cheater.
  • Have some coop fun with friends, surviving waves of chicken-monsters.
  • Cloaking? Resurrection? Tough choices customizing your commander.

Casual and Competitive Multiplayer

Zero-K was built for multiplayer from the start, this is where you can end up being hooked for a decade.

  • Enjoying epic scale combat? Join our 16v16 team battles!
  • Looking for a common goal? Fight AIs or waves of chicken-monsters.
  • Prefer dancing on a razor's edge? Play 1v1 in ladder and tournaments.
  • Comebacks, betrayals, emotions always running high in FFA.
  • Want to fight for a bigger cause? Form a clan and join PlanetWars, competitive online campaign with web-game strategic elements, diplomacy and backstabbing.

Power to the People

We are RTS players at heart, we work for nobody. We gave ourselves the tools we always wanted to have in a game.

  • Do what you want. No limits to camera, queue or level of control.
  • Paint a shape, any shape, and units will move to assume your formation.
  • Want to spend more time on tactics? Use construction priorities.
  • Want to focus on economy? Order units to kite, strafe or zig zag bullets.

Plenty of Stuff to Explode Explore

Zero-K is a long term project and it shows, millions hours of proper multiplayer testing and dozens of people contributing ever expanding content.

  • Learn to use all of our 100+ units and play on hundreds of maps.
  • Invent the next mad team-tactics to shock enemies and make allies laugh.
  • Combine cloaking, teleports, shields, jumpjets, EMP, napalm, gravity guns, black hole launchers, mind control and self-replication.
  • Tiny flea swarm that clings to walls?
    Jumping "cans" with steam-spike?
    Buoys that hide under water to ambush ships?
    Mechs that spew fire and enjoy being tossed from air transports?
    Carrier with cute helicopters?
    Jumping Jugglenaut with dual wielding gravity guns?
    Meet them in Zero-K!

or just view the media

Zero-K v1.7.4.0 - Fixes and Outlaw Tweak

This version contains a few important fixes, compatibility for an upcoming engine update, and a reduction of the previous Outlaw buff.


  • Outlaw damage 35 -> 30 (was 20 previously) with the same scaling for slow damage (105 -> 90).
  • Paladin manual fire now fires 12 missiles (increased from 10) to match its model.
  • Raven thinks units are thinner than they are, causing it to dive lower and hit more consistently.
  • Welder defaults to hold position.


  • Fixed units failing to reveal themselves if they fire from behind terrain while inside an enemy units LOS range. This primarily makes buried defenses targetable.
  • Fixed units with attack orders not having their attack order overridden by some commands. This mostly affected issuing reclaim orders to fighting Welders.
  • Fixed a case of tactical AI not working for units on hold position.
  • Blocked the ability to give gunships orders off the edge of the map.
  • Zenith now gains XP and can shoot through allied shields.

Depth of Field Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the autofocus would incorrectly weaken when zooming in after a certain point.
  • Fixed colours blending to a mush (unfortunately this means some banding in dark regions, not sure how to fix without ruining the more pronounced circles).
  • Normalized depth calculations to Spring unit distances, so blur power is no longer map-dependent.
  • Fixed projectile lights rendering on top of DoF (this involved changing priority, and this seems like a blunter fix than necessary).
  • Expanded blur radius limits so near-to-camera objects blend more nicely.
  • Made the transition from in-focus to out-of-focus a bit smoother.
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Matchmaker Maps Rotation

It's been a few months since the last Matchmaker map pool rotation, so it's time to remove some of the less-liked maps and give some new contributions and old classics their time in the sun.

Added to 1v1 and Teams pool:

Rogues River v1.2
Shifting Sands v1.5
Badlands 2.1

Added to 1v1 pool only:

Izki Channel v1.0

Removed from 1v1 and Teams pool:

Intersection v4.1
Living Lands 4.1

Removed from 1v1 pool, still in Teams pool:

Aurelian v1.0
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Zero-K v1.7.3.8 - Dominatrix Nerf

Most of the work for this release is in performance improvements related to saying up to date with the Spring engine. The more visible change is to Dominatrix, which escaped the previous big balance release.


  • Speed 2.2 -> 1.95
Dominatrix can come out very early in the Rover vs. Tank matchup. The speed nerf will make it slightly harder to deploy, and easier to out-maneuver.


The jumpjet UI now draws the jump arc to the sea floor (instead of the surface) and indicates when a jump command would be blocked by terrain.

Unit AI:
  • Scalpel, Mace, Dominatrix and Mistral now start skirmishing before they have fired their first shot if they are facing towards their target. This allows them to start turning earlier, but stops them from running away forever without firing.
  • Tweaked Dominatrix skirmish AI numbers to make it better at fighting units like Mace and Ogre.
  • Tweaked Knight tactical AI numbers to make it prioritise firing over turning.
  • Raven now dives based on the maximum of {target speed, target jump speed/2}. This primarily makes it dive against jumping Recon commanders more successfully.

Other changes:
  • Added a new disruptor bomb sound for Commanders and Disco Rave Party.
  • Added the ability to hotkey toggling the depth of field shader.


  • Fixed a new graphical glitch that could occur when tilting the camera.
  • Fixed nano turret aiming.
  • Fixed overhead unit state icons not displaying.
  • Fixed a bug that momentarily interrupted weapon firing while using Attack-Move. The most affected units were Mace and Dominatrix.
  • Fixed nuke explosions not occuring on aircraft or tall Funnelweb shields.
  • Fixed Crab walking while under construction.
  • Possibly fixed other Crab bugs.
  • Fixed a carrier error.
Posted by AUrankAdminGoogleFrog 5 months ago - comment

Zero-K v1.7.3.5

This version addresses a few problematic units, has further refinements to the commander income change, and includes engine-related fixes. Flea is more expensive, Shieldbots have been buffed, and players now have innate base income. Keeping up to date with the latest engine version has allowed us to coordinate and incorporate some performance improvements.


Each player now generates some base income that is not tied to any unit or structure. This makes commander sniping a little less lucrative and ensures players can always rebuild from one constructor in a FFA.
  • Each team receives +2 base metal and energy income per player (technically, per spawned commander).
  • This base income is split evenly between the active, non-resigned, players on the team.
  • Commander income reduced +6/+8 -> +4/+6.
  • Factories and Strider Hub no longer produce +0.5/+0.5.

Flea has good interactions but is a bit too cheap for its overall power. Instead of trying to make it individually weaker, we simply reduced the number of Fleas that players can field.
  • Cost 20 -> 25

Redback is a bit bad for a riot, and should also see more use with the weaker Flea.
  • Cost 250 -> 240

Bandit has trouble raiding due to its low speed, however, it has too much range for a speed buff to be feasible. Instead, we buffed Bandit within the Shieldbot theme by increasing its survivability.
  • Health 250 -> 265

Outlaw was more powerful years ago, but was nerfed down to the level of other riots. Many other riots were subsequently buffed, but Outlaw missed out and is now considered to be a relatively poor riot.
  • Damage 20 -> 35
  • Slow Damage 75 -> 105 (multiplier 3.75 -> 3)
  • Buffed explosion speed by 9% because it seems to match the graphics better.

Felon aim delay has been removed, although it appeared to be non-functional previously.

Racketeer now has improved targeting AI. It is now able to keep high cost units permanently stunned against mixed armies.

Mace is a little too good at catching skirmishers and is by no means a weak riot.
  • Range 350 -> 345

Duck gained an arc in the previous release, but also gained the ability to miss raiders in some situations. This has been fixed.
  • Halved arc angle.
  • Increased missile turn rate by 12.5%.

Ronin now moves a little faster while reloading.
  • Reload movement speed modified 75% -> 80%.

Zenith now has few, more powerful, meteors to help with performance.
  • Damage 1000 -> 2000
  • Meteor rate 0.7s -> 1.2s
  • Maximum capacity 500 -> 300

The Commander Disintegrator damage has been increased by 42% to match the Ultimatum buff from the previous release. Previously the Commander Disintegrator dealt more damage than Ultimatium.

The terrain smoothing fall-off exponent of weapons such as Quake and Tremor has been reduced from 2 to 1.5. The effect is that weapons with a smoothing effect now create smoothed areas with gentler slopes around the edges.


  • Added a depth of field shader.
  • Added/improved start boxes for Anteer Strait and Server.
  • Added reload time to Dominatrix ingame stats window.


  • Fixed a recently introduced engine bug in which constructors would sometimes walk around their construction order without starting construction.
  • Fixed a bug in which constructors building spaced lines of buildings could become stuck deciding how to move out of the way of their own construction.
  • Fixed a texture crash on old hardware.
  • Fixed some crashes on launching Speed Metal map variants.
  • Fixed an method of circumventing bonus objective unit losses in the campaign missions via reclaim.
  • Fixed a shield merge crash related to using a non-default shield link setting.
  • Fixed a transport error related to picking up floating amphibious units.
  • Fixed AI memory usage, which should fix a few crashes.
  • Potentially improved performance in various ways, introduced bugs.
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