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Dynasty of Man
Planets: 15
Commanders: 53
Combat skill:1519

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 31
Commanders: 41
Combat skill:1492

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 23
Commanders: 59
Combat skill:1503

Victory points:
0 / 100

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Zero-K clans
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Name Shortcut Commanders Level Rank
Imperial Fists Fists115101532 Join now!
!NK!DOOM NK3231439 Join now! password
??nďîcâ†? ??nďîc3191504 Join now! password
[ h y r u l e ] hyrule1231743 Join now! password
[Ru] Steel Claws SC18171568 Join now!
[TNF] TNF18191484 Join now!
100%CleanN CleanN7171381 Join now! password
1121st "Helvetian" Platoon 1121161585 Join now! password
1121st Helvetian Platoon 1121st14 Join now!
197th Cyberkorps 197CK6141544 Join now! password
1st Terran Rangers 1TR24181626 Join now! password
1uP 1uP6471692 Join now! password
3Server.de Hosting 3Serv39 Join now!
501st Imperial Marine Corps 501IMC7131561 Join now!
666th Devil Dogs 666DD781525 Join now! password
a dream come true adream3801542 Join now!
A.L.F. Animal Liberation Front Animal11101823 Join now!
Actions per minute! APM2241627 Join now!
ADVENT Coalition ADVENT37511884 Join now!
AFD-Clan AFD11 Join now!
Agents Of Freedom AOF20231510 Join now!
AIO | All In One AIO2141655 Join now!
Akatsuki Akatsu3231680 Join now! password
Alliance ACP20301592 Join now!
Alpha Legion ?0 Join now! password
AlphaLegion AL1281761 Join now! password
Altec Task Force Altec781527 Join now!
Anarchy Wolves AW23151558 Join now!
AntiHistamine AntiH171563 Join now!
Applied Special Tactics AST5311858 Join now! password
Page of 14 (417 records)