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Dynasty of Man
Planets: 15
Commanders: 56
Combat skill:1500

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 31
Commanders: 50
Combat skill:1500

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 23
Commanders: 64
Combat skill:1500

Victory points:
0 / 100

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Zero-K clans
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Name Shortcut Commanders Level Rank
Imperial Fists d699 Join now!
!NK!DOOM NK323 Join now! password
[ h y r u l e ] hyrule123 Join now! password
[Ru] Steel Claws SC1116 Join now!
[TNF] TNF1525 Join now!
1121st "Helvetian" Platoon 112116 Join now! password
197th Cyberkorps 197CK612 Join now! password
1uP 1uP647 Join now! password
3Server.de Hosting 3Serv25 Join now!
501st Imperial Marine Corps 501IMC212 Join now!
666th Devil Dogs 666DD78 Join now! password
a dream come true adream380 Join now!
Actions per minute! APM224 Join now!
Agents Of Freedom AOF1824 Join now!
Alliance ACP1725 Join now!
Anarchy Wolves AW2315 Join now!
AntiHistamine AntiH17 Join now!
Applied Special Tactics AST531 Join now! password
ARM ARM516 Join now!
AssholeClan ahc2123 Join now!
atlas co atlo211 Join now!
Autismo Daycare AUTX313 Join now! password
AwC AwC411 Join now!
Awesomeness Aweseo630 Join now! password
b00nl1k3 0013334 Join now! password
Baisuliai BS420 Join now!
baj baj516 Join now! password
Banana republic Banan846 Join now! password
Bastard Battalion BBAT139 Join now! password
Page of 11 (327 records)