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Dynasty of Man
Planets: 13
Commanders: 2
Combat skill:1441

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 13
Commanders: 0
Combat skill:1500

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 13
Commanders: 2
Combat skill:1559

Victory points:
0 / 100

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Zero-K clans
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Name Shortcut Faction Planets Commanders Level Rank PlanetWars rank
Imperial Fists d02381484 Join now!
NFORCE NFORCE02421389 Join now! password
!NK!DOOM NK03231475 Join now! password
[TNF] TNF010221453 Join now!
1121st "Helvetian" Platoon 11210161585 Join now! password
1uP 1uP06461631 Join now! password
3Server.de Hosting 3Serv025 Join now!
666th Devil Dogs 666DD0781520 Join now! password
a dream come true adream03801503 Join now!
Agents Of Freedom AOF0162514561723 Join now!
Alliance ACP0162515421416 Join now!
Anarchy Wolves AW017171442 Join now!
Applied Special Tactics AST034118141473 Join now! password
AwC AwC03121422 Join now!
Awesomeness Aweseo06301485 Join now! password
b00nl1k3 001303341705 Join now! password
Baisuliai BS04201458 Join now!
Banana republic Banan08451704 Join now! password
BARLOU BARLOU0171687 Join now!
batata batata0241489 Join now! password
Belgian Nibbas BELNIB05311426 Join now!
Better than yours BEST0171485 Join now! password
Boob O04181574 Join now!
BOS BOS01991904 Join now!
Brainless or Heroes BoH02461738 Join now! password
Break the Meta BTM01521541 Join now!
Brit and co. BRITCO0491513 Join now! password
BROFORCE BRO0213118581622 Join now!
Brotatoes BROs02591908 Join now! password
cammaRus CAM010 Join now! password
Page of 7 (196 records)