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Planets: 13
Commanders: 2
Combat skill:1559
"Freedom and equality"

Liberal pluralism. Chaotic, disorganized, loose and free.

Federation is a weak alliance of liberal cultures, planets and small interstellar empires. It's origins can be traced to the times of Humanity Rising's fight for freedom against machines.
Now, this extremely tolerant and generally peaceful entity, gives rights and freedom back to lesser aliens and even conscious machines its ancestors once defeated.


Metal: 114
Dropships: 0
Bombers: 0
Warp cores:0
Energy produced:+0
Energy demand:-0
Metal from planets:+13
Infrastructure: 1950

Faction roles

Premier AUrankpwFed1
Secretary of Defense 
Home Secretary 
Foreign Secretary CZrankAdminLicho


Time Event
3 months ago Federation attacked Zinc in B492374 and won. Federation gained 35 influence (100% from winning flawlessly of 35 base)
3 months ago Federation metal gain improved by 15 because it is close to Faction HQ. B492374
4 months ago ITrankAdmin[LCC]quantum[0K] joins Federation
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