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Time to clean up?

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26 days ago
I'm asking myself, isn't it at the time to clean up a bit?

I mean, in the clan and maplist, you find so inactive clans, x-versions of the same map...
Isn't there a way to clean up a bit?
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25 days ago
(edited 25 days ago)

It also massively inflates ZK installs, people are often picking and queuing downloads of old maps since !map titan and etc always pick the old versions because reasons.
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25 days ago
The main problem is about who will 'clean up'. This isn't 5 min job anyway..
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25 days ago
Also (for instance) if I were to do the job I would probably clean up some dumb-looking versions of speedmetal that would turn out to be somebody's favourite map.
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24 days ago
Perhaps it is appropriate to eliminate all the clans and leave only those three related to planetwars (dinasty, empire and federation). It makes no sense neither the clans with 1 player, nor the clans with 35 players one stronger than the other, so you can not propose a clash between clans that would be completely unbalanced (plus this imbalance also brings problems in team games).
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24 days ago
Eliminate all the clans? But the long and noble history of TheGBC...
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24 days ago
might be worth mentioning here: 'MINI MAP NOT FOUND'
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