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SandCastles2 Supported

By Saktoth

Size: 14 x 14


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12 years ago
New version of SandCastles
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12 years ago
I loved the first version, so now I'll try this oneā€¦in general, your 4-way maps seem to be awesome, especially your castle-like maps. Please keep it up, I'd like to see more like this!
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12 years ago
How to play this map:

Know who is good in FFA - play more FFA games to know it.
Attack this one first, but don't underestimate a noob team with a Starlight or Detriment!

Always harass anything outside the castles if one team try to get more income as this team deserves.
But don't spend metal with wreckages!
Use fleas, raiders (as long as they survive) scythes, Ravagers(assault tanks).

Always make sure to reclaim the wreckages if you attack someone, before you leave the battlefield to build reinforcements!
Never forget constructors and repair!
This is even more important than in team or 1v1 games, as the other 2 still innocent teams can overbuild economy.

Get at the most centered point of your castle one Behemoth, to deny enemies to get a cheap foothold around your base.

A screamer behind this Behemoth can give air players a penalty for harassing your expanding, but you need a few chainsaws to be save from Krows and drops or gnat-scout spam, etc.
You will need each chainsaw twice - one time for each side.

Keep your towers 1 field away from each other to increase their fire angle!

You don't need DDM, it will only deform the terrain.
Terraform a wall on the entrances (or the one which you are not using, or close 80% of it.
You can also use a djin and air transports (or two) to get your units in/out of your base or use only All/terrain units.

Because most games on this map will be FFA, cloak your damn army!
The other enemies should not see who get attacked or if you have nearly lost.

You can also jam (not cloak) enemy units!
Get 1 eraser and send it at the side of an enemy army to hide it from another enemy.
You can also use this to help the enemy at the opposite of your position and weaken your neighbors indirectly.

And always remember: the best unit on this map is the scorpion!

If you have 4 Superfusions in a corner, reclaim your moho geo!
Don't make all anti nukes at one spot!
Cloak nearly everything, but try to NOT cloak your mexes, so enemies will see mexes and think: uncloaked base, nothing there.

Never hide defense, as long as tacnuking (600m) these is not worth the effort.
The more defense the enemy see, the less likely they are going to attack you.

Don't make DDM, but a few Faraday and Pitbull, maybe stardusts.
You got your Behemoth/Anni vs arty and light defenses get not tacnuked while closed.

Spam shields!
If someone got a Starlight, you should have got about 40 to 50 shields and enough energy to power these.
Also each important thing should be behind 4 shields (charge transfer per sceond is not infinite) and high things (superfusions) should be protected by Shields IN FRONT of it - better get a bit terraform to get them higher.

As you got 20 to 30 shields, you can draw a shield line to the enemy porc and build outlaws+Rakeeter/Tremor.
Try cloaked things like Scorpion first.

Spam rez bots!
If you can't get an army up after you killed 1 enemy, the second and third enemy team kills you.

If you use nukes and fail, don't try it again with only 1 nuke more.
Scout, kill/stun-nuke antis and use at least 2 or 3 nukes more than the last time.

Always scout - even if you lose 1000 Metal for one enemy team per every 3 minutes it is only 5m/s and can help you to decide when exactly to build antis, how many, is someone is starting a starlight, etc.
You can't cloak nanoframes and see at least nano particles if something cloaked get repaired or a cloaked con is resurrecting anything.

If you want to be save from Detriment-drops, terraform a sea for your singularities inside your base, but that is a bit expensive.
You can save your moho geo from tacnukes after it got killed by terraforming a hole and resurrect it.

Always expand - even if it is annoying, you can surprise the enemy army to get reclaim.
If the enemy has to make units to kill your defenses, you also see how coordinated and experienced a team is.

If fleas or 1-2 scythes not help anymore, get a Berta - you need 2 tacnukes to kill it, 3 to penetrate 1 shield, 4 (or 1 emp and 2) to kill it inside shield spam, and 2 more to kill the wreckage (or it get resurrected).
The heap contains only 1000 metal - so only use <2000 (not 4000) metal to kill it, or you get a disadvantage over the other enemies.
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11 years ago
Updated version how yo play this map.

*Make goe first and dont let noob to make it since he can morph it and then you are good as dead.
* Make some static AA.
* Make singularity connect E.
* Terradown sides so no spiders or whatever walking can go into your porctress
* Make newton canons on both sides and skutle side enemys.
* Make more singularities
* Make Starlight.
* DONE. You are winner.

Note in some unlucky scenerio diagonal team which you couldnt skuttle might be able to build starlight first so you will die.
Tested! so far I lost only once here.
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11 years ago
how to conter wolas:
-skuttles and starlight can be blocked by terraform.
-make meteor. singu-spam dies to meteor. if he has massive shields, make second meteor.
-bertha his terraform down (you will need some of them)
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11 years ago
actually terraform dont counter skuttles. There is arround 10000% more cost effective counter to skuttlerain will show it someday.
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11 years ago
Why would you be unable to Skuttle diagonal team?
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11 years ago
Well actually its possible but harder you must fly greater distance also make ramp manually and diagonal ramp is kinda worse jittery I or how to call it also it becomes less accurate , I actually once did such ramp on supreme battlefield it worked but then licho kicked me even if I did destroyed enemys eco :D
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[color=Alice blue]A good plan to kill underwater singus farm (it exist EVERY GAME), is to use Scallop (Amp) + Eraser (Area Cloak Unit), and one Athena for sonar.[/color]
In the rare case of enemy having little AA, Perc can work too.

Also do not forget to harass the mid mex, cause it ALONE can give +100m or more if OD, so if you let the enemy have it easy never atking it, him will make cost VERY FAST, begin able to rush Det, Starlight, Etc, faster that you and making you lose the game...
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10 years ago
It is at 50% and it's not moving...please tell me how to fix that...
Why does this happen to the coolest maps...

Anyone know the answer to my problem?
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10 years ago
It's an issue with Springfiles API due to server move, nearly all mirrors are absent for downloading maps
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10 years ago
Should be fixed now..
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8 years ago
This map is always a horror show of porc.

Should it be tagged special?
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Nah, with the proper amount of , nobody will waste any more metal in porc.

Dare building any expensive porc next to OGS. You may enjoy the leviathan treatment. I doubt that a single of my ddms/annis during the last game here made cost.

If you're saying that because of porc there are only endgame units being used offensively, I agree with you. Why is this a bad thing though?

The frequent use of nukes and tacnukes is common in FFA and not specific to this map.
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8 years ago
This map is always a horror show of porc.
Should it be tagged special?
Is porc-level a cricteria for special maps?
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8 years ago
FFA is always porcy but if this one is extremely so then just unfeature for crappy gameplay.
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Why is this map played over Castle_godsV21?

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Because it's featured. The other map probably isn't even supported.

Additionally castle gods has hundreds of small mexes in mid and is too big for superweps to reach the diagonal castles.

Imo we need some clear guidelines so that featuring/supporting maps is not up to some honkmins owns choice.
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7 years ago
I talked this over with CHrankAdminDeinFreund in chat everyone seems to agree that this map reduces viable strategies to late game only. Kind of a very slow speed metal. For that reason, I have reduced to supported.
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7 years ago
Boxes are not correct for FFA one of them is not in corner
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