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Zero-K v1.8.7.0 - Lobster Nerf and Map Bans

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3 years ago

After a bit of a break, we have returned with an update based on much of the feedback from the past month. it has been especially nice to see new contributions on the development side from within the community.

In terms of balance, the Lobster nerf is by far the largest. Now that the launching mechanic is polished and usable it is time to balance the unit around its attributes rather than difficulty of use. The next largest changes are some tweaks to vehicle raiders to account for Bolas and the Kodachi changes.

Two notable infrastructure changes are the addition of personal map bans for the matchmaker and an experimental split of the teams host into clan-balance and non-clan-balance. The campaign also has a few more codex entries and there are numerous fixes to the consistency of the interface.


Repair costs less time and energy.
  • 3/4 unit cost -> 2/3 unit cost.

Scorcher regains some of its ability to chew through health at close range.
  • Increased DPS by 7.5%.

Kodachi is given the Locust treatment to make it less snowbally.
  • Autoheal 10hp/s -> 5hp/s.
  • Weapon Velocity 220 -> 240.
  • Reduced upfront DPS by 10.7 to partially counteract fire fixes (see below).

Bolas instantly slows the opponent in fewer matchups.
  • Slow damage 3x normal damage -> 2x normal damage.

Duck loses most of the torpedo range it gained in a recent experimental buff.
  • Health 340 -> 360.
  • Torpedo Range 210 -> 160.

Scallop has a bit less range now that it need not worry about Ducks
  • Range 270 -> 260 (both weapons).

Lobster is due for some basic attribute nerfs now that the launch mechanic has been perfected. These numbers are similar to its initial implementation, prior to the slew of usability improvements.
  • Cost 230 -> 340.
  • Health 1040 -> 960.
  • Range 680 -> 620.
  • Reload 9s -> 12s.

Disco Rave Party is no longer countered by Funnelweb.
  • Blue Shocker damage 12k -> 30k.

Cloaking has fewer bugs and inconsistencies, and area-cloaking is now worse than personal cloaking.
  • Being hit by pure slow/disarm/capture weaponry now causes units to decloak (just like being hit by regular or EMP damage).
  • Personal cloak is disabled for 3s after taking damage or performing an action.
  • Personal cloak disabled by enemy proximity lingers for 1.5s.
  • Area cloak is disabled for 5s after taking damage or performing an action.
  • Area cloak disabled by enemy proximity lingers for 2.5s.

Previously cloak was disabled for 3.5s by most, but not all, actions. Proximity decloak linger has been broken for a while, causing units to recloak immediately upon an enemy leaving range. Units with personal cloak use the improved numbers even when under an area cloaker.

Other mechanical changes and fixes.
  • Disarmed transports can no longer pick up units.
  • Transports drop their cargo when they start crashing.
  • Zenith stops functioning when its beam is blocked, such as by aircraft or water.
  • Fixed Dante, Kodachi and Disco Rave Party being unable to set units on fire.

Lobby and Campaign

  • Added Codex entries for the quadrants of the galaxy, as well as few for particular planets.
  • Added the ability personally ban matchmaker maps (up to six for 1v1, fewer for teams). There is a link via the 'Map Selection' button in the Matchmaking menu.
  • Added map size to the tooltip for map selection mult-polls.
  • Added network connection settings under Settings -> Game that may be experimented with to fix potential Coop Campaign hosting issues.
  • Split the big teams autohost into two hosts. One attempts to put players in same clan or party on the same team. The other ignores clans and parties.
  • Increased the maximum Queen Health Multiplier option from 30 to 1000.
  • Removed the non-functional play as chickens modoption.


  • Added filter and selection hotkeys for loaded and empty air transports.
  • Added a hotkey to select all Athenas.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the stockpile interface and added initial stockpile to Settings/Unit Behaviour.
  • Setting the energy stall minimum to zero or the metal excess warning to maximum now disables the warnings completely.
  • Disabled tactical AI for bombs by default.
  • Tactical AI now responds to Chicken Leapers.
  • Added support that allows map-style mods to override tooltips.
  • Fixed using ')' as a hotkey on AZERTY keyboards.
  • The COFC camera now uses the usual camera hotkeys.
  • Fixed some Global Build AI issues and added a hotkey.
  • Cleaned up invalid entries in the cheat menu unit spawner.


  • Impaler animation matches its reload time.
  • Fixed Ultimatium attempting to fire up cliffs from too far away.
  • Chickens can no longer be reclaimed.
  • Fixed Shieldbot Factory being categorised as 'Other' by endgame stats.
  • Constructors count towards 'Economy' instead of 'Army' in endgame stats.
  • Fixed a bug with preselection circles.
  • Fixed some Gunship Plant geometry.
  • Cleaned up the unit replies system.
  • Dominatrix leash is no longer obscured by terrain.
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3 years ago
> Chickens can no longer be reclaimed.

What does this mean? Some bugs I'm not aware of previously?
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3 years ago
I like this patch.

The interface became less lags. I was surprised by the ability to ban maps in 1 on 1, finally I can ban shitty maps where commanders need to fight. The Scorcher time is back. The Scallop nerf was necessary as the only way to effectively fight him is by mirroring spam Scallops. Finally, Lobster got a good nerf, as unexpected attacks and difficult defense against them were annoying. Buff DRP surprised, now this is one of the strongest superweapons, it makes sense for other superweapons to reduce the price to 35k / 40k. I don't like the fact that the spiders did not receive the buff, because the problem of redback in the absence of AoE is still relevant, because the spiders have no raiders. Not happy about the lack of buff jumpers, because the moderator is not strong enough. Small felon nerf required. The best option would be to balance the moderator with respect to felon and thugs. Welder should also be nerfed 2000 -> 1750.
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3 years ago

It means when you capture chicken units you can't live reclaim them since they're "biological".
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3 years ago
Ow, How about Lobsters ban and map nerf ? :3
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3 years ago


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3 years ago
Lobster Nerf severe :(
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I like the how this update sounds, hopefully it lives up to my expectations when I get to play it. I agree that the shield/jump matchup needs to be improved though. Either a Moderator range buff or Felon nerf would be appropriate.
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Felon does sound like it could get nerfed range a bit. Would help with Thunderbird instakill interaction a bit too. I think it should be kited by all skirmishers. Currently Rockos as far as I remember are outranged by Felon.
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3 years ago
At least according to the wiki ronin have 20 more range than felon does, and I feel that I have seen that in action in recent games. In fact ronin outranges and outruns everything in the shield factory other than bandits, rogues and racketeers. Makes ronin really strong vs shield ball right now.
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3 years ago
20 is too little, if someone sneezes ronin gets in range and gets insta-gibbed. I do believe Felon could use a range nerf.
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It means when you capture chicken units you can't live reclaim them since they're "biological".

USrankShaman And since they are biological, they aren't supposed to be Hacked by Dominatrixes. The issue is workarounded :D
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3 years ago


Two repair fixes:
  • Fixed a common bug where units would repair a 88% speed (0.88 = (2/3)/(3/4)).
  • Fixed repair pads healing 33% too quickly (this is from back when repair cost 1/2 unit cost).
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hi :)
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3 years ago
And since they are biological, they aren't supposed to be Hacked by Dominatrixes. The issue is workarounded :D

The Dominatrix projects a BASILISK directed anticognition hyperfractal, not a "hack ray". :P
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3 years ago
The Dominatrix projects a BASILISK directed anticognition hyperfractal, not a "hack ray".

it never was a hack ray to begin with, it was always called a "capture ray"
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Fixed some Global Build AI issues and added a hotkey.
What is the hotkey ?

ITrankThomas1 The GBC PRs this release were #3925, #3993, #3997.

If you have GBC enabled, then under Menu -> Hotkeys -> Commands -> State Commands, you should see the option to assign hotkeys to many actions. This added the following:
  • Constructor Global AI: Set on
  • Constructor Global AI: Set off
  • Constructor Global AI: toggle.

There's no hotkey assigned to them by default, but I've personally been using Ctrl-G for toggle.
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3 years ago
I just applied an engine update to fix a crash with loading saved games.
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3 years ago
please, make rez block reclaim
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3 years ago
I don't know if it was added with this specific patch or slightly earlier, but I gotta say I really like how energy buildings now show how long it will be until they pay for themselves when you're placing them.
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