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The True Dispensables


Zero-Ks' Planetary war was brewing, when a team of truly dispensable men appeared in the horizon. This band of men didn't really know what they were doing, but sometimes; I mean really, sometimes; they did know.

And every time this happened, much to everyone’s amazement, the faction drew closer to inevitable victory.

Rumor has it, that winning truly matters to “The Truly Dispensable”; because they don’t.
Apply to TTD @ https://discord.gg/Y7z9uze
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Clan Leader CYrankManiak
Time Event
4 years ago IDrankNemesisTango joins clan TTD
4 years ago USrankQuandoflin joins clan TTD
4 years ago CYrankGamekeeper joins clan TTD
4 years ago CYrankMedlazer joins clan TTD
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