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Welcome to I.C.A.R.U.S., a clan that originated in Planetary Annihilation but also plays Zero-K.

Now, you might be asking, what does "I.C.A.R.U.S." stand for? Well, that's simple, it's an acronym!

I. Loyalty
C. Respect and Honor
A. Don't use drugs
R. I.C.A.R.U.S.
U. Skill
S. (none)

Yep, as you can see, our clan stands for good skilled team play and knowledge of good units.
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Clan Leader USrankStuart98
Time Event
4 years ago USrankDissonant joins clan ICARUS
5 years ago USrank[ICARUS]nimzo joins clan ICARUS
6 years ago Clan ICARUS moved to faction Empire
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