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Thunderbird needs an hp buff

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1 balance should go to planes factory for a warm family visit. 1 balance should go to planes factory for a warm family visit, but I dont think planes will have the *energy* to welcome balance, either way Vamp ( raptor or whatever) is too old for this, barely anyone cares about him, when he was young his name was *superiority fighter*, but where is the superiority, time is *swift* and merciless, even raptor cant go against it.
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3 Planes factory got a health deterioration, their health is not good nowadays, and the medical expenses are high, especially phoenix,it costs 360. Its quite hard for them to be *energetic*, in the meantime they are taxed for doing their job, some planes got so poor that they cannot even rearm themselves, licho and thunderbird are even afraid to use their load, lest they need to rearm.
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5 Some planes are even scaring their young that if they teamkill, they will get sent to gulag ehm, I mean to the airpad.