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the flag

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can we get a capture the flag game mode.. take a flag between two middle flag sites 2/4 and 3/4 along front lines.. flag could be a ?slow spider unit? if the unit has only 1 sides army near it it can be controlled by them only?

or maybe capture and hold objectives?

double domination?

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3 years ago
Sounds porcy to me.
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3 years ago
There are certainly problems to solve, but it doesn't sound fundamentally unworkable. Capture the flag sounds like it would require a widget, a gadget, and an extra model or two. This sort of thing sounds perfect for a mutator, and it's probably more fruitful for someone to hack together a system and try it out than for us to spend a long time theorising about what may or may not work.

The page on how to do modding now tells you how to get started and release something: http://zero-k.info/mediawiki/index.php?title=Mod_Creation#More_Significant_Changes
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