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Hey guys, just to say that I have decided to take a permanent break from video games including Zero-K. I have other real life commitments that I want to focus on, and I am somewhat of an all or nothing type personality. Sometimes I just decide to take a clean break from one thing or another. Did the same with CS:GO because I just enjoyed playing it far too much and it ate up all my time. I have asked for my ZK account to be deleted, so I think this will be my last post.

Just want to say a huge thank you especially to the Mumble Clan players for all the many fun times and enjoyable chats we had over the years. I really enjoyed the recent clan wars games.

I also want to thank AUrankAdminGoogleFrog and the other contributors for the amazing work they put into this terrific game. I think consideration should be afforded to some form of beer fund or something for those that go above and beyond in terms of their contributions, albeit I understand there are challenging practicalities around something like that.

I would also like to dedicate this paragraph to RUrankFirepluk in order to thank him for being such a fun player to have had around. Every time I saw him in a game I would smile. By the way, I have a tip for you RUrankFirepluk: I saw that one experienced player who I will not name makes a point of putting a cloaked unit in your base in nearly every game - so RUrankFirepluk you may want to get some fleas or something on patrol around your base to prevent this. I fondly remember my very first few games in which I did things like make strider as first factory and enjoyed seeing RUrankFirepluk poke fun at this. After about five years of on and off play I did not improve much, but I certainly enjoyed playing the game a lot.

For what it is worth, I still maintain that this game will benefit tremendously from increased clan development. I think this is really important for long term growth and sustainability.

EErankNorthChileanG - you have my contact details, and I am looking forward to keeping up contact and exchanging further thoughts on the stock market. Please let me know if there are any further scheduled in-person meetups for mumble members. Albeit I am about to relocate to the Scottish Highlands. Fewer people, beautiful scenery and some great whiskey distilleries.

Bye everyone!
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Good bye, you beautiful space cowboy that you are Lynx. Hope to see you around every so often somewhere, got nice memories of ya. Stay safe out there, hope to see you return sometime.

PS:May dr0ppy luck bless your life in the future!
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2 years ago
sad. all the best to you. you know the mumble server, if you just want to hang out ;)
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2 years ago
All the best to you Lynx!

It's always a bit sad to see the vets go, but it's how it is...
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2 years ago


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Argh, never drop good habits! Sad to see you go. Hopefully not absolutely final descision, the market tactics can be derived from games in multiple ways...
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