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Third War Release

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I was hoping someone who was knowledgeable enough in spring's engine would take up the call to make this game playable with other people since I don't know how and don't have the time to figure out all that's involved. Since that didn't happen I'm just releasing what I've got. I put in about at least 60 hours a week for 7 months straight on this thing, and half of that was just learning how to do stuff through trial and error. It would be a shame if it just died without a shot. It's pretty cool and I hope you enjoy it as incomplete as it is.

This is the whole playable game:

Unzip this to some directory like c:\3W or something.
To play this you must tell windows to disable all of its incoming and outgoing communication for the 3w.exe in your firewall settings. If you do not do this the game will autoupdate and mess up the files and it wont work and you will have to delete 3w and recopy the files all over again.

Because I don't know how to get this thing working with current spring engine and multiplayer, it's singleplayer only, so you all can try it out. You can play with CAI or circuitAI brutal. circuitAI plays better but is known to crash once it reaches underwhelming numbers. Also, CAI doesn't use air units well, it lands them in stupid places. You can also play against chickens :)

If you just want to play 3W then you DON'T need the following file:
It's basically just 3w's files in a single sdz. If you were wanting to make this multiplayer possible this is the game's content all organized into one file that goes into the games directory.

All I ask is to be credited as the original designer/developer. If I were to see there was a decent enough following for this mod/game I would likely finish it up with the rest of the planned units and features. My email is daniellong888@yahoo.com if you want to reach me.
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I can assist with gadgetry and widgets. Feel free to contact me on Discord (#Shaman on the zk server or Stentorian#4945).
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3 years ago
Sounds good. I dont have discord though, I'll have to look into that. The last gadget related things I was working on was:

1.) Remove air units ability to change their fly / land state(except the choppers ). And to change it's unit property from an air unit to a land unit when its landed.

2.) Get the truck unit to transport units. It not being an air unit prevents it or something.

3.) Get stockpile to use a max limit count from a unit definition value like "stockpile_max" or something. So like a nuclear sub could only stockpile up to a certain amount and the player cant push it past that. And then set the default stockpile amount to the max so once the unit is built it already starts stockpiling up to the default value. Right now it starts at like 1 or 0 I cant remember.

I can zip any changes you make and add it into a small patch file that I'll be posting a link to.
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2.) Get the truck unit to transport units. It not being an air unit prevents it or something.

Have you tried using Spring.UnitAttach ? Maybe I'll take a look after my break. I need time to recharge mana/creativity.
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22 months ago
me myself and i at least give it a try
Thanks body!
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