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27/4 2v2 Anniversary Tournament

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4 months ago
Date: Saturday, 27th of April
Time: 14:00 UTC
Format: 2v2 DE Bo3 (all rounds)

Map pool:

* Loser may select the next map according to the follow map pool.
* First map is selected by a team picked at random in each matchup.

Winner's Bracket (Except Semi/Final) Loser's Bracket Semis / Finale
Izki Channel v1.0 Aurelian v1.0 Temple Redux v1.2
Rogues River v1.2 Into Battle v4 Ravaged_v2
Badlands 2.1 Drab Battle for PlanetXVII-v01
FrozenPlanetV3 Icy run v2 Altair_Crossing_v3
Living Lands 4.1 Eye of Horus v13 Red Comet v1.3
Victoria Crater v2.1 Akilon Wastelands ZK v1 Vittra v2.1
Iced Coffee v4.3 Glacies 1.3 Bandit_Plains_v1
DesertCliffsV1 Avalanche-v2 Icy_Shell_v01
AlienDesert Fields_Of_Isis Adamantine Mountain 2
Barren 2 Energy Spire Plain Iceland_v1
Quicksilver 1.1 Insular Encounter 0.81 DunePatrol_wip_v03
Verdant v4 DWDeadDesert MoonQ10x

Da teams:
NamePlayer 1 Player 2

Signup list:
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4 months ago
Sign me up, yet I might not be able to come tho.
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4 months ago
If vauban gets added to the pool i might sign up.
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4 months ago
I'm available to stream.
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4 months ago
I'll probably be streaming the event too.
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4 months ago
I'll be available for streaming and playing.
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