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Title: Sigero's Battle
Host: ROrankSigero
Game version: Zero-K v1.8.8.5
Engine version: 104.0.1-1544-ge1f249f
Started: 3 years ago
Duration: 26 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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3 years ago
I quite like this map.
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3 years ago
you mean this specific map?
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3 years ago
I like the idea of random maps too primarily because it throws the player's pre-practised meta completely out of the window. There's value in the replayability of random.
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thats why i ask if Google means RC in general or this specific iteration...

random crags has produced some of the best map-layouts i have seen ironically, it would be really really nice if it was possible to acces those and tweak them manually afterwards...
the only thing i dislike is that it has a bit low metal for my taste...
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random crags has produced some of the best map-layouts i have seen ironically

Crags has a lot of theory behind how it goes around making maps, so this is unironically not an accident. But i guess we can consider the involved theories to have been confirmed by experiment now.

Time to turn that into a map design article?
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3 years ago
Replays should contain a map seed that allows to reproduce a particular map.
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3 years ago
Yo Sprung, "should" can be interpreted in two ways here: Should as in "they do" and should as "it would be a good idea". Can you disambiguate please?
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3 years ago
well it does because otherwise we couldn`t watch the replays.
also note that rng in it`s true meaning doesn`t exist.
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you mean this specific map?

Yes. The terrain in the middle was fairly tight and interesting. Random Crags generates and echos a seed at the start of the game. I had a look in my recent logs and found that this one is 4779. If you turn the map into a sdd then the seed can be set instead of randomised to reproduce the map.

[f=-000001] Synced LuaRules: starting loading
[f=-000001] Random Seed, 4779
[f=-000001] Wave generation complete
[f=-000001] Voronoi generation complete
[f=-000001] Terrain structure complete
[f=-000001] Edge processing complete
[f=-000001] Tier propagation complete
[f=-000001] Height application complete
[f=-000001] Smoothing complete
[f=-000001] Map terrain complete
[f=-000001] Metal generation complete

I'm not entirely happy with Random Crags as a whole. It tends to generate maps that are a bit too sparse and open. In the next version I'm thinking of lopping off the map squares around the edges and making it 10x10.

The same-level cells should not be passable so often. Perhaps I can add Titan Duel-esque trenches and improve the igloos.

The cliffs could be more interesting. I was meant to map some sort of terrain to a line, but currently the cliffs are just cosines.

The texture needs to be generated more quickly. I'll need to look into the shader-based demo that RUrankivand made and see if I can make it do everything I need it to.
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