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Title: MM 2481: 1v1, Rank Singularity
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.6.11.2
Engine version: 104.0.1-287-gf7b0fcc
Started: 4 years ago
Duration: 17 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 85.5%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 14.5%


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4 years ago
So one of the most open maps are porcy now? Ok...
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Uhm...what isn't porcy about a map with literally 11/17 of your "half" of the mexes being either in the back or in your base(ie safe mexes that are UN-contestable). It's not like the other 6 of your mexes and hard to protect either. Conveniently placed on a hill for optimum porcing.

Glaive vs puppy is sad though. :(
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4 years ago
Glaive vs puppy isnt that bad. Glaives can raid, its why you were dead even 5 minutes in.
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*sees a replay with Godde posting a concern*
*checks to see if that means Godde lost*
*no, of course not*

I could tell this thing would be a porc-opalypse the first time I looked at it.

Each side gets 5 clusters to defend, and no "contest" mexes along the center line. Not only that, but the spawns aren't even that close together, and there's only a single mex cluster on each side that lies between you and your enemy's spawn, and even that depends on which cluster you spawn at. So unless you're planning on hitting the enemy base or behind it, there's only 1 enemy mex cluster that's middle-ish for you to raid.

Not only that, but there's a bit of paradox in that the map is so open and flat that you want a vehicle fac to intercept and win fights in the open. But each of the clusters have irritating terrain blockers for vehicles, so your vehicle raiders can't really get into enemy clusters.

So you're either left with sieging the clusters with veh arty/skirms, or going for bots and camping the clusters while being afraid to go out in the open and be spotted on radar + intercepted while slowly trudging across the continent.

Maybe gunships have potential here to perpetually play tag with mobile AA? Especially with all that juicy outside edge. And even planes should find gecko a bit large for return trips without forward airpads, no?
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4 years ago
Yeah, on this map, all factories seems pretty viable.
However, I think the level of porciness depends on the match-up.
In shield versus cloaky, for example, it is much easier to raid the hills and the incentive to keep spamming raiders is much higher than in cloaky versus jumpbots.
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