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Please help, Low FPS

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Gaming Laptop
CPU: R5 3550H(4c/8t 3.7GHz)
Ram: 8GB 2400MHz single channel mode

I get that the above specs are well above the recommended system specs, but the game lags heavily at lowest settings even on a 2v2P map. Is it a compatibility issue with Ryzen CPU? What can I do to fix this? Please help.
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On the right side of the start screen there is community - chat - friends - settings - downloads. In the Settings tab there, click the Graphics tab and use the Lowest preset. Then, set Compatibility Mode to "on." Maybe that helps, maybe not. It helped me. Or you can try the Compat. preset which seems to be lower graphics than lowest.
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Check your nVidia control panel settings to make sure it's using the dedicated GPU. Laptops often have both the dedicated GPU and an integrated GPU, and rely on software (such as the nVidia control panel) to select which one to use.

Your specs are roughly on par with mine, and I can easily maintain 60fps with basically everything cranked to max plus Depth of Field and some ReShade effects, so it's probably just picking the wrong GPU.
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Game seems to run smoothly all of a sudden on lowest settings.. I guess I need to test the settings again, apparently settings take place only on reloading a map or starting a new match.
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