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Recording/Streaming Question

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3 years ago
Hello there,

I want to ask two questions in terms of preferences when it comes to Cast games on youtube.
1. Do you guys prefer recording/streaming videos of Zero-K with the webcam of the streamer turned on?
2. Do you enjoy 4K resolutions or 1080P do the job?

Please answer it honestly since this will, of course, change how I will cast/stream Zero-K in the future
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I don't care about the resolution unless it's a trailer or otherwise high effort video. (Something like 10 hours of work put in per minute of video)

I believe the web cam is an easy way to be more connected to your audience. It lets the robot me blend in as human.
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3 years ago
I tend to watch youtube videos mostly on my phone where it is limited to 720P so I dont really care about 4K.
I think webcam is preference, it doesnt bother me.
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3 years ago
1080p is fine and webcam is fine if it doesnt block too much gameplay :3
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For webcam, I generally only have mine on when playing myself, not when doing spectator commentary. When I'm commentating/casting, I want the game to be the focus, and my commentary to be complementary. When I'm playing, however, I figure the more personal touch of the webcam makes sense since I'm showcasing my own play as I'm playing, and it also takes some pressure off speaking, since my facial expressions can do some of the talking for me.

For resolution, use 1080p or 1440p. 1080p is the highest most will care about, but 1440p has tended to get YouTube to better preserve quality when it does its processing, so that might be worth the HD space.
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I am starting to see a trend in 2160p resolution gameplay videos CArankAdminShadowfury333 and this is why I would like to focus more on those.

Going to get Elgato capture card for 4k version and from there everything will be way smoother. Right now I have to encode 1080P with high bitrate (50000 bitrates to be exact) into 2160p and that takes a lot of time in Adobe Premiere Pro. But this thing with Adobe Premiere Pro will go away and only the editing + upload will remain. Usually, it takes 5-6 hours to put a 4K video with 20 minutes on youtube so this is the only step that will remain from now on :).

I have the drive storage space for the videos and space isn't an issue for me since I have at least 10 TB so this is why I will focus on 4K videos

Thx all for the advice. I still consider a webcam to be somewhat mandatory since I also believe what CHrankAdminDeinFreund said here:
I believe the web cam is an easy way to be more connected to your audience. It lets the robot me blend in as human

CArankAdminShadowfury333 do you use two computer streaming/recording style or is it just one?
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3 years ago
if you use webcam, place the minimap somewhere else (not behind yourself)
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3 years ago
but having your face in front of the minimap would be a helpful reference when you are doing starlight art!
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I just use one computer, but I use NVENC to do the actual video encoding, so it's still offloaded in a way.

I'm not super keen on going up to 2160p simply because I already tried 1440p with my second Dark Souls 3 Let's Play, and that introduced performance issues and required more HD space than I can readily use (I only have a 500GB SSD for recording, and I normally record 2GB/week just with the regular ZK streams at 1080p, to say nothing of other tournaments and games I get brought on for). Yeah, I get that 4k is the hyped thing, but most YT videos are still 1080p, and if that's a technical limitation on my part so be it.

Also, I agree with CHrankAdminDeinFreund as far as streaming your own play goes, but when it comes to doing the kind of commentating I typically do I think a webcam would be distracting.
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