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Balance update[edit]

Forum thread Zero-K v1.6.5.1 - Balance update

We have taken a look at games and feedback and come up with a small balance update. Inconsistent, and sometimes drastic, unit interaction with gravity guns and other sources of impulse have also been fixed.

Glaive is now slightly less cost effective, but their behavior is unchanged.

  • Cost 60 → 65

Welder was dealing a lot more damage than intended, possibly due to an engine update or fixed scripting issue.

  • Cost 220 → 230
  • DPS 72 → 45

Pyro may now be more effective in groups.

  • Now avoids shooting through allies.

Constable is lighter as an experiment.

  • Cost 160 → 130
  • Buildpower 5 → 4

Seawolf previously escaped the ongoing sea changes:

  • Cost 200 → 220

Shogun has a respite from the recent nerf, which was a bit too far:

  • Reload time 15s → 12.5s