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Gecko Isle 1.1 Featured

Planet Onyx

By qray, TheMooseIsLoose

Rextured and enhanced Gornhole. Licence: Scripts GPL 2.0, map CC BY 3.0, features CC 3.0 BY-SA.
Size: 16 x 18


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5 years ago
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5 years ago
Not a huge fan of this map to be honest. It feels way too empty. There's not much to fight over past your 1/3rd mark. Just a bunch of open territory with no mexes or reclaim. Games generally devolve into porcing in the 1/3rd area and some light porc in the mid to protect artillery.
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I was under the impression the (re)creation of this map was a deliberate response to this thread, which pretty much requests the thing you don't like (if I understand correctly). Not sure whether that's how it came about though.

I've played several games I enjoyed on this map but it is certainly unusual.
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Just a bunch of open territory with no mexes or reclaim

Quote saved: "Gecko isle has no reclaim"

I think the main issue here is that all of the expansions are on hills, which are very defensible against vehicle-type factories, and quite defensible against the rest.

But also in my experience this just calls for some artillery to drive closer, which attracts enemy counterattacks, which incentivises escorting the artillery, which altogether leads to major wreck fields in the middle zone, which causes even more fighting there.
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i think that map plays really well. Just to prove @Anarchidis point;

Overall it´s not a usual zk-map, but that is actually what makes it so good in my opinion. It is genuinely distinct gameplay-wise.
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