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1v1 Matchmaker Maps Poll

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20 days ago
Which of the current maps in the 1v1 matchmaker pool do you like? Which ones do you want to kick out?

Share your opinions in this poll:


This poll is being conducted with a view to rotating the matchmaker pool sometime in the next month or two.
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20 days ago
Done. Will be interesting to see the results.

Maybe I'll get back to map making one of these days. I kinda dropped the ball.

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19 days ago
lmao no one plays mm
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19 days ago
Today was an amazing 1v1 matchmaking day.
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19 days ago
I loved the map choice system from the tournament. I'd enjoy having a similar system in the MM, where each player gets to ban one map and the remaining one is played on. This system can then be used to determine the least popular maps so they can be rotated out.
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15 days ago
I'm intending to close this and get the results sometime this coming weekend, so if you want your opinion heard and you haven't replied yet do it soon; it doesn't take very long :)
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5 days ago
Forgot to post this.

A preliminary plan is:


EvoRTS-New Iammas
Living Lands


Rogues River
Archers Valley
Altair Crossing

The other two notably less-than-liked maps are Aurelian and Into Battle.

It's known that a fair slice of the playerbase dislikes sea but some people enjoy it quite a bit; also having 1v1 sea games to counterbalance data from large teams makes maintaining sea easier. A different sea map could replace Aurelian but I suspect the slot's rating would not improve much (Shimmershore? Columbia Basin? Inculta Wet? Flooded Valley? Something new?)

Into Battle hasn't been in the pool very long so it seems reasonable to give it a little more time.
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5 days ago
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5 days ago
I'm a supporter of adding newly made maps, so I'm fine with adding Rogues River, but why Archers Valley and Altair Crossing? One of them has trees blocking everything and both of them have very artificial hills that path and look weird.

A new map that isn't too large and hasn't had MM time yet (afaik), is Incandescence. (Also offers interesting graphics compared to all the grass maps).

As a replacement for Altair Crossing/Living Lands, which I suppose has to be a small map, we could have a vote between a few older maps.
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